Software Process for Remote Customers

Solware undertakes projects for customers who are located in other countries as well. These projects add an extra complexity factor to the software process because the traditional ways of communication are limited. These are some facets of how Solware has adjusted its way of working.

Incremental Process
We work in approximately one month increments. At the beginning of each cycle we define the requirements that we implement. At the end of the month we release what is made and discuss the status with the client. This way the customer is always up-to-date, and also misunderstanding or changing of requirements are tackled.

Structured Communication
Communication with the client goes via standardised documents like the project plan, status reports, user interface descriptions, test plan, etc. Many issues can be discussed this way but face-to-face contact has its place as well. We discuss the requirements at the client's location at the beginning of the project and often the monthly increments are closed and evaluated with a visit to the client.

Defined Responsibilities
A representative of the client with enough responsibility should be assigned to the project. He keeps contact with the project manager or the expert in our team. Response times should be kept low.