Solware has already demonstrated its capabilities in carrying out tasks with above the average complexity. This selective reference list contains some of the various projects we participated in:

Data Distilleries

Data Distilleries is a company pioneering in data mining technology. Solware has developed customer specific front-end applications and generic components on top of the data mining server of Data Distilleries. These were the first projects where the 1 month increment cycles were introduced - mixed with the RAD approach.

Applied technology: Java

Secon IT

Secon is a consultancy company specialized in providing engineering services. Solware has developed a Windows NT driver for a hardware device ("the black box") that was provided by Secon. This was a very smooth project - the software worked immediately after the first release. It is extraordinary for Solware to develop real-time systems since it is not our direct profile - but we had the right knowledge.

Applied technology: C++

Integra Corp

In this project the objective was to reengineer three different banking systems into an integrated one. Solware took part as a consultancy in the system analysis and design as a subcontractor of Integra Corp. We worked together with the customer's employees and consultants. This project was a fully object oriented one using UML, Forté, MS SQL Server, Oracle - so it was quite an experience.

Applied technology: UML

Hungarian Penal Institution

Solware has created an energetics information system for the Hungarian Penal Institution. It was a more than 3 man year project. Partly a classical information system, partly an engineering application that models energy flows in heat and electic systems.

Applied technology: SSADM, UML, C++Builder

Hungarian Electric Company

Solware has developed (analysis and implementation) an information system for the Hungarian Electric Company that is used to plan technological investments and to manage contracts.

Applied technology: SSADM, MS Access

Microsoft Hungary

After Microsoft has opened its office in Hungary the company was in need of a helpdesk application to keep track of its customer requests. This software was developed by members of Solware and it was in use at Microsoft for over 2 years. This system was followed by other smaller administrative systems for Microsoft Hungary.

Applied technology: SSADM, MS Access


Solware developed a generic off-the-shelf e-commerce application for retail stores for IQuality. In the project we utilised the latest techniques of Internet wizardry and also gained considerable experience in the development of business-to-customer (b2c) e-tailing solutions.

Applied technology: SilverStream, Java, MS SQL Server. Click here to see a demo of the latest version.