Tools and Technology

Software development needs a firm basis. Therefore we start the projects with standard based analysis and design. Depending on the the type of the system object oriented (like OOSE, OMT, BOOCH, UML) or structured (like SSADM) techniques are applied.

Some case tools that we have experience with are StP (Software through Pictures), Rational Rose, and Paradigm.

We make our project plans using Microsoft Project (but also have a simple character based notation). Each Solware developer uses an internally developed tool called Boss to track how we spend our time. We use these time log statistics to make more realistic time schedules and to better plan our activities.

Concerning the programming part our mainline is C++ and Java. Tools we use are C++Builder and JBuilder (occasionally Delphi) or the Microsoft counterparts. We are well versed in modern tools like SilverStream as well (but prefer the former traditional ones).

We apply widespread Internet technology like DCOM, ActiveX, RDS, of course Java, and different TCP/IP based (secure) protocols.

We have worked with the following database systems or techniques: MS SQL Server, Sybase SQL Anywhere, MySQL, MS Access, ADO/RDS, BDE. We use our own internally developed object oriented persistence layer to connect to relational databases via ADO or BDE and to file-based databases.